Replacing the speakers on your phone
The most obvious symptoms of speaker failure are deterioration of communication quality (you can not hear the other party or the sound is completely absent), the appearance of extraneous noise, interference, hoarseness when playing music.

There are many reasons for this malfunction:

- Operation of the device at work or in dusty rooms;
- Liquid seeping into the speaker;
- Bending of the plume in folding designs;
- wear and tear of the part as a result of using it for a long time.

If there are problems with the speakers, you should take your mobile device to the service center for diagnostics. Our specialists have at their disposal the necessary equipment to determine the cause of the malfunction on the spot. Combined with professionalism and extensive experience of the masters it allows you within minutes to make a detailed picture, to determine the exact timing and cost of fixing the defect. We strongly recommend not disassembling the device yourself, as an unsuccessful attempt to remove the speaker can damage other parts, which will eventually require a much more expensive repair.

No matter how complex your problem, our specialists at the service center COMPMASTER will cope with it quickly and with a quality guarantee. Replacing the speakers on your phone, we will produce in the shortest possible time, with a guarantee and not expensive.


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