Replacing the battery on your phone
The main trend in the mobile device industry is to design devices that are as thin and light as possible. In order to partially achieve this goal, some manufacturers are abandoning the use of removable batteries in favor of built-in batteries. On a daily basis, users put their devices' batteries under quite severe strain, which over time "squeezes" the battery.

As a rule, a year and a half after the purchase of the phone battery starts to be catastrophically insufficient. In the case of a removable battery no problems with its replacement. Somewhat more difficult is the case with integrated power sources.

How to determine when it is time to change the battery

When the battery is in use, gas accumulates under the casing and causes the battery to swell. If you ignore the first signs of a bloated battery (bulges on the back of the device or protruding screen, the appearance of creaks when using the device, etc.), the case may crack or the battery itself may leak, leading to the inevitability of costly repairs.

Battery replacement is an inexpensive service that will extend the life of comfortable use of your device, as well as help you save money on restoring your device in case the battery leaks. At our service center, you can also easily check the condition of your power source.

No matter how complex your problem, our specialists at the COMPMASTER Service Center will handle it quickly and with a quality guarantee. Replace the battery in your phone, we will produce in the shortest possible time, with a guarantee and not expensive.


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