Bad reception on your iPhone?
Despite the fact that updated versions of the iPhone 5 and 6 models appeared in the public domain many months ago, they are still selling like hotcakes. Users note the performance, impressive features and convenience of the gadget. And yet to call the device perfect in all respects can not yet - among the obvious shortcomings of the network problems.

When to ask for help?

From time to time, the gadgets of the Apple manufacturer do experience problems with the network. Most often this happens when the user disables the flight mode. If the network is not found after a few minutes, try restarting the phone, as well as removing and re-inserting the SIM card.

Be alert if the device constantly loses network and your friends and family complain that it is impossible to reach you. This phenomenon is rather unpleasant, because the non-working phone turns into a useless toy. In this case, you need a professional iPhone 5, 6 repair.

Another common problem with Apple gadgets is the inability to connect to existing Wi-Fi networks. Repair iPhone 6, 5 models may be required if the Internet is constantly "dropping out", slow loading or constantly reconnects with a consistently high level of connection.

Possible causes of malfunction

Factors under the influence of which the gadget is experiencing problems with the network, there may be a great many. Among the most likely ones are:

        Incorrect date and time settings;
        Active airplane mode;
        installation of unlicensed software update, unlocking the phone by yourself;
        SIM card problem;
        Antenna failure;
        Failure of GSM-module GSM.

Practice shows that the replacement of GSM-module iPhone is required in 80% of cases, while the antenna - only in 20%. The cause of repair may be the natural wear and tear of the module, corrosion of the contacts, detachment of the part from the motherboard, installation of problematic software, mechanical impact and careless handling.

As for the instability or lack of connection to Wi-Fi, the most accurate way to diagnose the problem is to check the device. In Vorkuta it is performed in our service center.

Professional repair iPhone with network problems

If you have trouble finding a mobile network or stable Wi-Fi, do not hesitate - come to our service center.

On favorable terms and with a minimum loss of time we can be carried out:

        Computer diagnostics of the device - to determine the cause of the problem;
        iPhone Wi-Fi module replacement - if the defects are detected during the work of the component;
        GSM module replacement - if iPhone GSM module is damaged and can not be repaired;
        professional advice - the master will tell you how to prevent problems and make the phone function for a longer period of time.

Our staff is staffed by qualified and experienced craftsmen who can cope with any failure quickly and without loss of quality.

No matter how complex your problem, our specialists service center COMPMASTER cope with it quickly and with a quality guarantee. Repair your iPhone, we will make in the shortest time, with a guarantee and not expensive.

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