Repairing phones after a fall
Even the most high-quality and expensive smartphones are not immune to careless handling and mechanical damage. Quite often phones fall. They are dropped, they hit the door jamb, they fall out of the pocket or bag. Rugged mechanisms have their limit, and from a strong blow can be many negative consequences. First of all the screen and the case suffer.

In our company you can promptly replace the failed parts, replace the screen, even if it refers to a monoblock design. Replacing on your own can result in damaged contacts, loosening the clips. Therefore, it is better to immediately contact professionals who can easily remove the old screen and install a new one. In addition to the obvious failures, there are hidden. You may not even connect the fall and the malfunction, but any blow can also lead:

- to the detachment and disconnection of the loop (bad image, black screen);
- Rapid battery discharge or complete battery failure;
- Dislocation of connectors;
- damaged contacts and boards;
- flash memory failure.

All these problems can only be solved by using special equipment, quality parts and, of course, professionals. You can find it all at COMPMASTER.

No matter how complex your problem, our specialists at the service center Kompmaster cope with it quickly and with a quality guarantee. Restore your phone after a fall, we will produce in the shortest possible time, with a guarantee and not expensive.

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