All students will use the Intel ISEF Forms.  Teams fill out ONE set of forms for the entire team except for Form 1B.  Make sure that the names of ALL team members appear on the forms.

The forms are editable PDF files so that they can be filled out online and printed for submission. The completed forms cannot be saved for later printing unless the computer has a professional version of Adobe Acrobat that allows the user to save copies for later editing.

Please avoid using hand-written forms.


2011 Intel ISEF Forms

Form #
Form Name
Form 1

Checklist for Adult Sponsor / Safety Assessment Form

Form 1A Student Checklist / Research Plan Instructions

Form 1B

Approval Form  

Each student on a Team must fill out a separate Form 1B

Form 1C Registered Research Institutional / Industrial Setting Form
Form 2 Qualified Scientist Form
Form 3 Risk Assessment Form

Form 4

Both forms required

Human Subjects Form

Sample Informed Consent Form (must accompany ALL Human Subjects Forms)

Forms 5A, 5B

use EITHER 5A or 5B - not both

Vertebrate Animal Forms (5A and 5B)
Form 6A Potentially Hazardous Biological Agents Form
Form 6B Human and Vertebrate Animal Tissue Form
Form 7 Continuation Projects Form


Alternate Student Information Form: required for fair registration if official form not printed.