Phone motherboard repair
Problems with the motherboard can be called the most "unpleasant" in a smartphone. It's not the same thing as a broken case or a broken connector. The motherboard is the main component of a phone without which it simply doesn't function. It integrates the processor, memory, and many other important elements. Even the most expensive smartphones can fail precisely because the motherboard is broken.

The most common causes of problems are:

- severe bumps or falls;
- Voltage fluctuations during charging;
- Water damage;
- Temperature fluctuations.

Proper handling and care of the phone will help to avoid most problems, but it can be said that no one is immune.
Diagnosing the phone's motherboard
To understand what caused the breakdown and how to fix it, experts COMPMASTER carry out diagnosis with special equipment. Then there are two ways: replacement or repair. If it is advisable to carry out the latter, then engage experienced craftsmen working under a microscope. In the case of replacement, we use original parts for each model and give a warranty on them, as well as on their work. The repair process does not take much time, after which the smartphone works again without problems.

No matter how complex your problem, our specialists at the service center COMPMASTER will cope with it quickly and with a quality guarantee. Repair the motherboard on your phone, we will make in the shortest possible time, with a guarantee and not expensive.

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